Your support made the End The Wait campaign a success

End the Wait campaigners
As the dust settles after finding out who has won seats in Stormont, we can reflect on the highlights of our End The Wait Campaign.

Waiting times were a key topic for most of the parties during the election. With your support we highlighted the impact extensive waiting times have on people living with MS.

Nearly a third of all candidates running for election pledged their support for End The Wait.

We hope the newly elected MLAs who supported the campaign will champion our cause at the Northern Ireland Assembly. Thank you to everyone who emailed their local candidates encouraging them to pledge their support.

Telling your stories

After a successful campaign launch in February, we held two hustings in Londonderry and Belfast. Over 50 people questioned 11 candidates from across the political spectrum, covering issues such as health, social care, welfare, employment and transport.

Many people engaged with #EndTheWait on social media. The real life stories of people affected by the long waiting times for neurological services were shared, liked and retweeted lots of times.

What’s next?

The newly elected MLAs are expected to meet in Stormont for the first time on Wednesday. Over the next two weeks, the main parties will come together to decide what should be in the Programme for Government for the next five years.

Once the Programme for Government has been agreed, the parties who are entitled to Ministerial positions will choose which departments they wish to control.

What will we do?

We will be closely looking at the Programme for Government and assess its potential impact on the lives of people affected by MS in Northern Ireland.

We will also be re-establishing the All Party Group on MS at Stormont and seeking a meeting with the newly appointed Health Minister to discuss the issues you raised with us during the End The Wait campaign.