Photo: Caryl who has MS standing in her garden with a walking aid

Caryl lost out under the PIP 20 metre rule

Caryl lives with her husband in Carmarthenshire. She has difficulty walking because of her MS. But earlier this year she made a 10 hour round trip to Westminster to tell MPs: it's time to scrap the PIP 20 metre rule.

Under DLA, Caryl received the higher rate for both care and mobility, and used her payment towards buying an automatic car, because the left side of her body is weak.

When she was reassessed to PIP in 2016, she lost the higher rate for both care and mobility. Her mobility award was reduced because her assessor said Caryl can walk more than 20 metres.

I can't walk to my bus stop

Caryl came to our campaign launch in Westminster, and spoke about how the 20 metre rule has impacted her.

"To move 20 metres is nothing. The bus stop is further than that and I can’t walk it. I have to drive everywhere which is an extra cost. I expected it to stay the same, this silly new rule has impacted quite significantly on us.

"It was great to be involved in the campaign launch in Parliament and have the chance to speak to politicians about my own experiences. I was there with a number of other people with MS. Unfortunately all of us have had negative experiences of PIP but the conversations we had with MPs felt positive.

Taking our messages straight to politicians

"It meant a great deal to speak in Parliament, especially about something which I feel passionately about.

"I was a little awed and nervous. I had prepared my speech beforehand but didn't make half the points I wanted to. However, I felt that my speech made some small impact and was well received.

"We all watched the #ScrapPIP20m video together at the event, and a number of politicians commented on how powerful it was. It felt like taking our messages straight to politicians could really make a difference."

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Having MS is enough. We need a welfare system that works.

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