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Five ways to wellbeing

This virtual event is a discussion about MS and five ways to wellbeing. They are: connection, learning, being active, giving and being mindful.

Event/service information

This virtual session is on Tuesday 25 January 2022, from 6.30 - 8.00pm

Join us to chat about how the five ways to wellbeing may help people living with MS. We'll talk about creative ways to put these five steps into practice

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About this event

The five ways to wellbeing have been researched and developed by the New Economics Foundation.

They are:

  • Connect – connect with friends, family or reach out to someone new
  • Keep learning – pick up an old hobby, adult education or something that will give you a change
  • Be active – some activity that can be gentle exercise or something a bit more strenuous, the choice is yours
  • Give – this can be a smile, volunteering, a little act of kindness, there are lots of ways to give
  • Take notice – be mindful, notice the things around you such as the sights, sounds and smells

Join us to chat about how these five ways to wellbeing may help people living with MS. We'll talk about creative ways to put these five steps into practice. You might find you are already doing more than you think. Or perhaps you’ll feel inspired to set yourself a challenge to try something new. By coming along you’ll already be on the way with step one – connecting with others.

We’ll be joined by one of our volunteers who will be sharing their experiences about how they put these steps into practice alongside their MS.

What will I need to take part?

All you need to join in is a laptop/tablet/phone/computer with access to a microphone and camera - this will allow you to be seen and heard during the virtual sessions. You will need a stable internet connection to use the video meeting software that we use.

What if I haven’t been sent the link?

We send an email with a link and some reading to everyone who completes the registration form on Eventbrite and books a place. The email we send might go into your SPAM or junk folder so please check before the sessions start that you can find it.

What should I do if I can no longer attend?

If you find that you're unable to take part please get in touch by using the following details below to let us know [email protected] so we can offer up your place to someone else.

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