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Conversation café: bladder, bowel and my MS

Each month we will explore a different topic in our conversation cafés. In July we'll be discussing bladder, bowel and MS.


Event/service information

The conversation café will be hosted by a Living Well facilitator. We'll be joined by one of our volunteers who has lived experience of MS and will get the conversation started. The format of the café makes sure that everyone has a chance to share their thoughts. This online event takes place on Tuesday 26 July at 6.30pm.

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Here's what to expect

  • Check-in: everyone's offered the chance to check-in, sharing what the topic means to you.
  • Respond: everyone's offered the chance to respond to what they have just heard.
  • Dialogue: the virtual floor is open for conversation.
  • Final thoughts: everyone has a chance to offer their final thoughts: what has challenged, touched or inspired you?

There's no pressure to speak, you can always pass on giving a comment.

Reflection journal

One week before our conversation café you'll receive a reflection journal by email.

The reflection journal will give you a few questions to think about before the session. It can help to note down your ideas. If brain fog is something that impacts you, you’ll be coming along to the session with a memory jog.

There's also a section which will give you space to reflect afterwards on the session and perhaps note down things that you would like to follow up and try yourself.

Conversation café agreement

To help us stay on track we ask everyone to follow the conversation café agreement:

  • Open-mind: listen to and respect all points of view
  • Acceptance: suspend judgment as best you can
  • Curiosity: seek to understand rather than persuade
  • Discovery: question old assumptions, look for new insights
  • Sincerity: speak for yourself about what has personal heart and meaning
  • Brevity: go for honesty and depth but don’t go on and on

What do you need to take part?

All you need to join in is a laptop, tablet, phone or computer with access to a microphone and camera. You'll need a stable internet connection to use the video meeting software that we use.

What if I haven’t been sent the link?

We send an email with a link and some reading to everyone who completes the registration form on Eventbrite and books a place. The email we send might go into your spam or junk folder so please check that you can find it before the session starts.

What should I do if I can no longer attend?

If you find that you're unable to take part please get in touch by using the following details below to let us know [email protected] so we can offer up your place to someone else.

Please keep an eye out for our other Living Well services that are available. We are delivering a topical webinar every month along with a varied selection of wellbeing sessions. You can find more information on these here.

You can find more information on this subject on our website or please contact our Helpline at [email protected] or freephone 0808 800 8000.

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