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Help for carers in Wales

Following the Carers Strategies Measure 2010 local councils and Health Boards in Wales now have to work together to publish joint Carers Strategies in their local areas to ensure that carers are given advice, support and are consulted.

The following should be provided to all carers:

  • information about medication given to the person they care for and potential side effects
  • general or specific information on the treatment of the person they care for
  • accessible information about appropriate local and national support including respite care, Direct Payments and independent advocacy
  • information about the follow up care and hospital discharge arrangements
  • signposting to local carers groups and providing information about crisis support

The local carers strategies aim to improve information and involve carers in the treatment and support of the person with MS who they care for.

For further information, please contact the MS Society Cymru office or visit the Welsh Assembly website.