Social care: getting support from your council (booklet for Scotland)

This booklet is about social care for adults in Scotland with multiple sclerosis (MS).

If you have MS you might need social care, especially if it gets worse. If you’re the carer of someone with MS, you might benefit from social care, too.

‘Social care’ means services, support, money or equipment from your local council. These help you live an independent life, hold on to your dignity and feel in control. You get these services in the community you live in. This will be either at home or in a day centre or care home.

Some services are free but many people pay something towards them. In this booklet you’ll find out what support you might get, how to get it and how it’s arranged (and paid for).

This booklet covers social care in Scotland. We also have booklets covering social care in England, Wales (with a Welsh language version also available) and Northern Ireland.

For a large print version, please email or call 020 8438 0999.