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A story book for primary age children who help look after someone with MS (multiple sclerosis).

Femi’s Story is about a boy in year 6 at primary school. His mum has MS.

He’s always helped out at home, but now he’s helping a little more. She’s finding it harder to stand up by herself and sometimes finds getting dressed tricky. 

But Femi’s story isn’t only about his mum’s MS and the strength of their relationship. It’s also about: 

  • the usual ups and downs with friends and schoolwork
  • how he deals with his worries and frustrations
  • how he finds help from those closest to him.

It’s published by Hodder & Stoughton as part of their 'Year 6 at Greenwicks' series.

You can see a few pages of this booklet in the pdf on this page or order a free copy of the whole book from our shop.

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Femi's Story (sample pages)

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