Young carer Thomas looks after his mum

Thomas has been helping his mum since he was six. We recognised his amazing achievements as a young carer at the MS Awards this year.

This is his story.

A visit from the MS Nurse

I realised my mum had MS when I was about nine years old.

The MS nurse came round to the house to help explain it to me – we’re really close and I’ve known her since I was a baby. I felt quite upset at the time, but I had always known something was up.

I started helping my mum when I was about six. I would rub the cream on her belly for her injection. Mum would get really nervous and I would keep her calm.

Physiotherapy and sandwiches

Now I help my mum by making sure she gets down the stairs safely and helping her with housework. She needs me to look out for her while she makes dinner because sometimes she can’t open things or she accidentally burns something.

I had an operation on my knees recently, so we’ve also been doing physiotherapy together.

My mum has had two relapses in the past few months so she’s needed extra help. She can’t lift her arms, so I make her sandwiches and wash her hair.

My supportive school makes all the difference

My school knows my mum has MS and they are very understanding. They don’t give me trouble if I’m running late because they know that there are days where my mum takes longer to get out of bed.

At one point I was being bullied and my mum was worried that I wasn’t telling her about it because I didn’t want to stress her out. My school were supportive and they were able to sort the situation out.

When I’m not caring for my mum, I love to go fishing. Luckily we live close to the beach.

The biggest fish I’ve caught was 17 pounds!

I like knowing that I’m there for my mum. My grandfather and the rest of our family are all very supportive.

Caring for my mum has brought us closer together.

Do you care for someone with MS?

We've got nothing but love for Thomas and young people like him.

And we know it can be hard at times, for anyone caring for someone with MS.

If you, or someone you know is a carer, we hope our new booklet might help.

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