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Working with MS - 8 working from home jobs

Hannah Paull

MS is unpredictable and if you have a job, it may mean you have to make changes to your work. It’s not necessarily about stopping work. Reducing hours, freelancing or working from home are all options to consider.

We’ve come up with a list of eight working from home jobs to get you started.

Writer and editor

If you’re a stickler for grammar or you have a way with words, a writing or editing job could be for you. You could proofread legal documents, edit up articles or write for a content marketing agency – there are plenty of different roles to explore.

Social media specialist

Tweeters, Facebook addicts and Instagrammers are covered. Social media is an excellent way of building relationships with your customers, so businesses are clamouring for hashtag-savvy workers. Polish up your personal accounts and approach any organisations that interest you.


If Mary Poppins is your role model or you’re comfortable with tiny tots then being a childminder might suit you. Whether you’re looking after little ones who aren’t at school yet or older kids who are on holiday, you’ll never be out of work.


Parlez-vous français? Sprechen sie Deutsch? For any linguists out there, a translation job might fit the bill. Many businesses need bilingual people to help them work with other countries. Give document translation a go or look into interpreting qualifications.

Recruiter Recruiters do a lot of their work over the phone and online, so there are opportunities to work from home. This is a perfect position if you enjoy talking to people and you’re persuasive. You could even help someone find their dream job!

Data entry clerk

Data entry involves updating and maintaining computer records, often from paper documents. If you type quickly and have Wi-Fi then this could be an ideal job for you. Many organisations don’t require previous experience either.

Virtual assistant

In this digital age, lots of companies need a helping hand and much of this work can be done online. A virtual assistant has to be on top of everything, from making calls and managing schedules to booking travel – ideal if you’re super organised.

Online teacher

Whether you have teaching experience in a specialist subject or you’d like to tutor English as a foreign language, online tutors are in high demand. Take a look at teaching adults or tutor children for their exams. Fast internet and patience are key for this role. Download our work toolkit.