Group of people standing together wearing orange MS Walk t-shirts

Working together in 2019

As my first year as Chief Executive comes to an end, I want to thank every single one of you who supported us in 2019.

Whether you’ve campaigned, fundraised, donated or volunteered - we just couldn’t do it without you! Thanks to all of you, we continue to make a huge difference to the lives of people with MS.

Without further ado, here are just some of the things we’ve achieved together this year...

Glyn sits in a motorised chair. His husband Mark stands beside him with his hand on his shoulder

Our biggest fundraising appeal

In the autumn we publicly launched our Stop MS Appeal, our biggest and boldest fundraising appeal ever. Our major advertising campaign included a TV advert which was shown across the country on television, online and in cinemas. Our aim is ambitious – we want to raise £100 million over ten years to accelerate new research and ultimately, to stop MS. Thanks to some incredibly generous donations, we're already well on our way to reach our target.

We’ve also committed to raise £1.3m for 13 new research projects with a big focus on technology, like virtual reality, wearable robots and magnetic brain stimulation. These projects have the potential to significantly improve quality of life for everyone living with MS, and ultimately help us stop MS faster.

Members of our Croydon group chatting on a sofa

More help for people with MS

Our amazing local groups have been working hard throughout the year, providing friendship, support and information about MS. The groups are run entirely by dedicated volunteers, providing nearly 1,700 services across the UK to people affected by MS.

This year we’ve worked with people with MS to produce eight brand new services across the UK, which means we can support even more people living with MS today. They include:

  • our new welfare benefits advice service
  • a service in Tayside to support people with their MS diagnosis
  • a new programme in Wales to help people get active
  • Northern Ireland’s ‘Mind My MS’ which helps with emotional wellbeing.

The services and support we provide through our MS Helpline, our online forum, grants, information and local groups make sure no one has to face MS alone.

Photo shows Rebecca (who has MS), her son, her mum, Mrs Balchin and our senior campaigner Emma Vasey in Westminster at our Stop MS exhibition

Campaigns with real impact

2019 showed us just how powerful we can be when we speak together, with one voice.

After originally rejecting it, in May NICE approved the use of ocrelizumab for people with early primary progressive MS on the NHS. Over 21,000 people joined our campaign to call for change and our voices were finally heard.

In November, Sativex was approved on the NHS in England, something we’ve long been fighting for. This was a great step forward. But we won’t stop campaigning until everyone with MS who could benefit from medicinal cannabis can access it on the NHS, no matter where they live.

Looking forward

We’ve achieved a huge amount together this year, and 2020 promises to be even bigger and better.

With your help, we're getting closer and closer to our ultimate goal of stopping MS.

The next research breakthrough is in reach

Your donation will help stop MS.

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    Our minimum donation is £2, please enter a different amount.

£30could process one blood sample, giving researchers crucial information about genes and the immune system.

£50could pay for an hour on a microscope, so scientists can study cells and tissue in greater detail and improve their understanding of the biology of MS.

£100could pay for half an hour of MRI use, so researchers can monitor the success of clinical trials and understand MS in more detail.

Every penny you give really does take us a step closer to stopping MS. Your donation will make a difference.

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    Our minimum donation is £2, please enter a different amount.

£10a month could pay for lab equipment like microscope slides to study the building blocks of MS

£20a month could pay for lab equipment like petri dishes to grow bacteria important for studying genetics

£30a month could process a blood sample to help us understand what causes MS, so we can stop it in its tracks

Your regular donation means we can keep funding world class MS research with confidence. Together we will stop MS.

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