Group of MS Society fundraisers waving and smiling to camera with a rainbow of MS Society coloured balloons behind them

What it's like to volunteer at MS Walk

It was a wet day in September 2018, but the rain couldn’t stop us – fundraisers were out in force to complete their MS Walk.

We caught up with Georgina who volunteered as a steward on the day. She told us how the day unfolded, and why she’d encourage people to sign up as volunteers this year.

What did you do on the day?

As a steward my role was to help point our MS Walkers in the right direction and continue on with their route.

Unlike previous years, it was pretty rainy and wet on the day. And so many of our fundraisers were taking on quite a challenge for them. So as well as pointing people in the right direction, I tried to urge people on with lots of cheering, clapping and smiling.

My hands were pretty sore and voice was nearly gone when we finished, but it was very much worth it!

Why did you volunteer?

I’ve worked at the MS Society for over six years now,  and I’d heard great things about the day from fellow staff and former volunteers. So I wanted a piece of that action!

MS Walk is no small feat, and so many people really do put their all into it. I wanted to show my appreciation for everything they do. I like to think my thumbs up or cheering helped some people, even for a moment, get a little bit closer to the finish line and keep spirits high.

My mum also lives with MS, after being diagnosed with the condition 25 years ago. This always pushes me to just do that little bit more to support our work, including outside of the “day job”.

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By just giving a few hours of your time you’re making a really important contribution to making sure no one has to face MS alone. Georgina

Why should other people volunteer?

MS Walk is a fantastic event, and the team make it really easy for you to take part. Because it’s such a big event, you can also meet lots of new people, and hear experiences from fundraisers and people from across the MS community.

You might live with the condition or know someone who does. By just giving a few hours of your time you’re making a really important contribution to making sure no one has to face MS alone, until the day we stop MS for good.

That’s got to be worth a bit of your time, surely.

We raised over £125,000 from MS Walk in 2018, but with your help we’re hoping to raise even more this year. By volunteering you'll make a massive difference in the funding of vital MS research. Email to find out how to get involved.