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The week that left me humbled

Martin Baum

Depending on which side of the superstition divide you stand, there is a rule of thought that says either good or bad things come in threes.

Although I am not superstitious by nature, my recent health experiences have made me feel incredibly fortunate, if not humbled, for three reasons:
I saw a dentist.
I was negative on a COVID-19 swab test.
I had a consultation, albeit by telephone, with a neurologist.

MS headaches and problems with balance

Just the dental check-up and coronavirus result alone carried with them a sharp intake of breath followed by an enormous “PHEW!”. But for me the important thing was finally being able to speak to someone who could reassure me that I was not losing myself to MS.

I moved from the coast to Hertfordshire in late 2019, and was meant to have a meeting with a new neurologist earlier this year. In the meantime I have been battling four different types of headaches and severe balance issues into the bargain.  

Worsening of MS symptoms and mental health

But then came lockdown and with it a further deterioration of my symptoms which was why my appointment was so essential. And not only to my MS but also to the state of my mental health. Waiting that long to be remembered does take its toll.

The difference a thirty-minute conversation made to my sense of self-worth was immeasurable. Whether or not the prognosis to my stability issues could be vestibular – something that affects the sense of balance - is still to be seen. The same goes for new medication to alleviate those pesky headaches of mine. But at least I feel I can move forward (balance permitting of course).

No longer playing a bit part to COVID-19

There are other issues I must overcome, of course there are. This is the case  for any of us currently classified as high-risk, vulnerable, or just ‘old’. But at least I have a fresh possible diagnosis that gives me something over the nothing I had before.  

While a remote consultation is not an ideal arrangement, at least I no longer feel that I am playing a bit part to COVID-19 - a virus that was putting me at risk of being an MSer who had been left to slip through the cracks.  

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