Close up of Shana's eyes made up with eyeliner and gold glitter

Sometimes it's not MS

The other morning l awoke to flashes of sparkling light in my peripheral vision. I groaned, assuming some MS nonsense was kicking off.

A good few minutes later, l realised l was still partially dressed in last night's clothes following a fabulous festive night out. And hadn't removed the copious amounts of glittery eyeshadow, which was now plastered down my face and had fallen onto my eyelashes... Ahem!

Assume nothing


Which l probably should have learned by now after ignoring symptoms which turned out to be an under active thyroid, gall stones and coeliac disease.

Oh, and carbon monoxide (co2) poisoning - from which l was thankfully saved by the co2 alarm. I'd just assumed l had very bad fatigue and was having 'a rough MS-y patch'. (Errrm, nope!)

And of course, just occasionally, 'symptoms' are caused by glitter.

*nods wisely*

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