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No two days are the same


JJ tells us what the uncertainty of MS means for her, from pregnancy to social plans.

The theme for this year’s MS Week is uncertainty. How does living with MS make parts of your life uncertain?

For me the main thing is pregnancy. With all the medication I'm taking and the fact that I'm not always in the best physical condition, I don't know how life would look for me if I had a child right now.

I would want to be a 100% present and physically active mum. But I don't know if that would be the case and it absolutely terrifies me.

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Can you think of a time where your MS got in the way of plans?

Absolutely it happened just yesterday. I was meant to attend my friend's house party. However the fatigue and pain in my legs had other plans, which resulted in me staying home and having an early night.

How do you cope on the days where plans have to be changed or cancelled?

I mean it's mentally hard sometimes. But I just have to listen to my body and take some much needed rest.

Luckily my family and friends are extremely understanding and supportive.

How do you explain uncertainty to people without MS? 

No two days are the same. Today you may see me appearing completely fine. But tomorrow I could be crying from chronic pain.

What would you say to people who struggle with uncertainty?

Ask LOTS of questions. No question is a dumb one and deffo ask people from different walks of life. Not just people with MS but their family, friends and carers.

Having a wide perspective is helpful.

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MS is unpredictable and different for everybody. This MS Awareness Week (25 April-1 May 2022) we’re shining a light on uncertainty and MS.

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