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My MS diagnosis journey


In January 2018, I was diagnosed with relapsing MS. By the time I got diagnosed I wasn't surprised - I was relieved to know that something was actually wrong and it wasn't all in my head!

Being newly diagnosed with MS and planning a wedding

I was diagnosed with MS just after I got engaged. So I was busy planning my wedding when I first discovered the MS Society’s Living Well with MS sessions.

The first ones I saw advertised were face-to-face sessions being held about an hour away from my home on Saturday mornings. That felt like a big commitment, not to mention playing havoc with the wedding planning schedule! I thought “that's a shame, those might have been good" and carried on with my life.

I saw the virtual sessions advertised just after a spell of my symptoms acting up more than usual. I was beginning to realise that this would be part of my life now.

The virtual sessions ran in the evening and seemed much more manageable. I could join them after work, saving my precious weekends.

Coming to terms with life with MS

I realised that by joining the sessions it was the first time I'd really acknowledged to myself that the novelty of having MS had worn off and reality was kicking in - this is not going away.

I have been fairly well since diagnosis but I do have MS. And no matter how minor my symptoms seem compared to some others, there are things that I do struggle with or worry about and it does impact my life.

Sharing with others

It was really useful to join the sessions and hear other people talk about struggling with the same issues as I have. You wonder if you are making a mountain out of a molehill sometimes and it's a relief to hear someone else say the same thing.

As a nurse by background, I also got a boost from sharing a tip or trick that works for me that might help someone else too.

By week four, I felt like I was meeting friends

The virtual environment may feel a little strange but in no time our group were chatting away as if we were in the same room. The great facilitation meant nobody got forgotten or talked over.

There were no right or wrong answers, it’s all about your life and your experiences and we were all there as we wanted to hear about others. By week 4, I nearly poured myself a glass of wine instead of tea as I felt like I was meeting friends… but I refrained!

If you are at the stage of looking around for some support it’s probably the right time to join the Living Well with MS sessions. You have nothing to lose - you don't even have to go out the house!

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