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Hannah Smith MS Vlogger

My favourite videos for newly diagnosed people

Hannah Smith

There are so many videos about MS online that it's difficult to know where to begin, particularly if you've just been diagnosed. To get you started, we invited MS vlogger Hannah Smith to look through our own YouTube videos and pick out some of her favourites.

1. Waiting for diagnosis

Hannah: "I could really relate to this as I've been in the same position as most of the people in the video. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone, and that there's support available to those still waiting for a diagnosis."

2. What's your hope for the future?

"I thought this video was great for newly diagnosed people because it shows them they’re not alone. It can be upsetting to think about the future but this video gives you hope and a purpose to keep going and keep fighting no matter what! I remember that I have MS but MS doesn’t have me."

3. MS on your mind? - The MS Helpline is here for you

"I felt that this video was wonderful as it gives newly diagnosed people hope and reassurance that there's someone there who we can talk to and who understands. And there are so many ways of getting in touch. I feel that this service is just wonderful and has helped me numerous times."

4. Cathy John - MS and the blogging experience

"I love this video. I love writing and I've felt it's been an escape from the reality of MS sometimes. Writing gives you the opportunity to be creative and yet also to unload your concerns about this condition."

Hannah vlogs about MS under the name An Ordinary Girl With MS.

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Urgent appeal: Help us be there for everyone with MS

Urgent appeal: Help us be there for everyone with MS

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