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Lucie Wake

MS Create I've gone from being in a dark place to a world filled with colour

Frances Whinder

Lucie Wake tells us how her passion for art helped her bounce back from an MS relapse.

When I tell my MS story, I like to focus on the positives.

I’ve always been described as a colourful character. Having a creative outlet is important to me. After school, I did an art degree and got a BA in ceramics. Colour was central to my work.

I went on to run my own licensing company (Hocus Pocus) which used characters I’d created on a range of products available in many high street stores.

MS and family life

I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS in 2000. I was lucky enough at this point that MS had a minimal impact on life.

I went on to get married to Jon and we have two children, Millie and Oscar. I ended my licensing business to raise my kids. I started a more flexible business making curtains and blinds, which became my creative outlet.

Relapse setback

In 2014 I had a relapse that left me unable to walk. After trying a couple of different treatments, I started on Tysabri. I was now unable to make curtains and blinds because of a lack of muscle strength.

I was left with significant back pain and I didn’t leave the house for most of 2016.

This was my lowest point and the time I had least colour in my life. I felt like an ice pop with all the juice sucked out of me.

Painting a family tree

I made a positive decision to make the most of my life in a way that fitted in with my bad days (which thanks to Tysabri are fewer).

To get my creative fix, I started painting a family tree.I painted a portrait of my 11-year-old son in oil and fragmented his face to give the painting a more contemporary feel. I received such positive feedback from that painting that I’ve started another new business, painting portraits in this ‘facet’ style.

I now find I can’t wait to get up and start painting. I’ve gone from being in a dark place to living in a world filled with colour again.

Lucie lives in York with her family. You can see more of her artwork at