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Photo of Rebbecca and her young son, smiling in the sun

Making the most of the lockdown

Rebbecca Robinson

Rebbecca lives with relapsing MS and has a 5 year old son. Here she talks about the steps she's taking to keep things running smoothly at home during lockdown.

Since the lockdown I made sure my son and I both kept to a routine from the day he was no longer at school. As I’m considered vulnerable I’m also working from home to support the students I work with.

I’ve set up my work alongside my son on our dining table so I can complete my work for the day, as well as support him with his school work. It also makes it easier to prepare lunch and dinner and do other household chores. And I’m still working on specific projects with the MS Society, which is something I really enjoy being involved with.

Staying well physically and mentally

For exercise I go out for walks with my son, who goes on his scooter or bike. This fresh air really helps me. I find it difficult to spend too long in the house because I get head tension and brain fog. Before the lockdown I was on a physio program at the gym, but it was postponed. So I now join in with Cosmic Kids Yoga with my son.

Recently, I’ve been getting MS hug, twinges in my body and odd numbness in areas of my body. But when this happens I just rest my body until it stops.

Most weekday evenings I tend to not do too much once my son goes to sleep. I get cognitive overload, so this gives me time to relax my mind and stops me becoming overwhelmed. To lift my mood I listen to music or watch a lighthearted comedy series or film.  

Staying connected with friends and family

I’ve been keeping in touch with close family and friends via messaging, calls or WhatsApp/Zoom chats. This has been a great opportunity to swap ideas about different activities to do during lockdown! 

At home with my son we play board games, and I’ve joined in with drawing, colouring, painting and crafts with him. He’s really enjoyed doing this together and it’s been relaxing for me too. I’ve also started growing plants and flowers for the first time, which has been really lovely to do.

Taking things moment by moment

There hasn’t been a moment when I’ve been bored during the lockdown. I understand the importance of staying at home and keeping safe, and I’m making the most of quality time with my son.

I actually feel better emotionally not being in the hustle and bustle of life. I’m able to have a general plan for my working days which helps me manage my fatigue better. In general, taking a moment at a time has been the best approach for me and my son.