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Jo having fun outside, smiling to camera

Living my life in the moment

Jo Barnett

Life with MS can be full of uncertainty. But for Jo there’s joy to be found in the present. She talks about why it’s important to her to live in the now and make the most of friends and family.

Life is full of uncertainty

MS is a double-edged sword. Someone once told me it’s like having a window into the future. And that's not always nice.

But for me, it’s how you deal with it. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of down moments. I have negative days where I feel sad for what I've lost and what I might lose. Days where living positively is difficult. But I try to live for now whenever I can. I try to live for the moment.

Making the most of opportunities

My husband and I made a big decision when I was officially diagnosed - live our life for now. With MS you don’t always have the energy to do things. So when I have energy, I do it. I take that walk, go out for that meal or I meet up with people.

I remember when I was walking along with my youngest child in the pram and my 4 year-old beside me. He said “let's run!” “No”, I said. I was tired. Then I stopped and said “Of course we can, let's go!” And we ran. At the time, I could, so I did.

I shattered myself a while back. I’d walked a massive distance (well, for me) in the pouring rain. It was that wet my youngest had to empty his wellies out. When I got back home, my husband asked why I'd gone so far. My answer was “Because, today, I can.” My son still remembers that walk.

The things I love to do

We’ve always wanted a campervan. We thought we might do it when we retired. But then MS came along.

And the future was now uncertain. But we knew we still had the present moment. So we bought our campervan. I got more worried as the pick-up date got closer. I didn’t think we were doing the wrong thing - I was concerned we would back out of it! But we had the courage of our convictions and we did it.

We’ve now had 8 happy years in that van with our kids growing up and making memories they’ll always have.

One of the best weekends of the year is when we gather with all our friends and go camping. Fun, food, fire pits, laughter, and hopefully sunshine.

I live life in the moment.


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