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Yazzie stands smiling in a red polka dot dress with a cocktail on one hand.

"Listening to my body is the most important thing"

Yazzie Talks

Hey everyone I am Yazzie and I've had MS for almost 5 years now!

I think one of the main concerns with having MS is the uncertainty of it all. It’s almost like being in limbo as each day is never the same. Some days I will feel as fit as a fiddle and the next I could be bed bound for a few days with no explanation.

My body needs its chill time

I think this has taught me to be a lot more laid back and chilled about making plans, if I’m honest. I know that if I do have to cancel plans then it isn’t my fault! It’s just because my body needs its chill time. I’ve learnt that listening to my body is the most important thing. Although I am gutted when I have to cancel a meal with friends (more because of the food I am missing out on haha).

Like being on a rollercoaster in pitch black

For those who don’t have MS and might not completely understand the uncertainty of having the condition, all I can compare it too is being on a rollercoaster in pitch black!

I never know what twist and turns are coming, what highs and lows are about to happen.

And whether I will be smooth sailing for a while or even feel like I’m going backwards at times.

Never feel guilty for cancelling plans

What I’d say to people who may be struggling with uncertainty with their condition is never feel guilty for saying no or cancelling plans. There will always be another event or catch up you can go to.

Also, I see the uncertainty as a positive, I live my life more now since being diagnosed than I did before. It’s pushed me to be a better person, physically and mentally. And in a weird way I have my MS to thank for that.


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