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Meeting other people with MS inspires me

I’ve got relapsing MS, but I see myself as lucky.

I’ve got good people around me and my family and friends have all been very supportive since I was diagnosed.

I thought MS meant Miss

I was diagnosed in 2011. I found out very quickly. I got symptoms at the end of 2010 and diagnosis in the beginning 2011. My GP didn’t know what was the matter, so he referred me really quickly.

I didn’t know a thing about MS. To tell you the truth I thought it meant Miss – had no idea it was even a thing. No one around me had got it. Funny though how as soon as I got it I started hearing more about it, it was like it was everywhere. When I realised I needed to use an aid to be able to walk I started seeing walking sticks everywhere too.

I’ve always been a positive guy but it made me appreciate life more.

Next thing I know I'm throwing food at people

My symptoms aren’t as bad as some peoples. I have trouble with my hand. It starts shaking unintentionally when I’m trying to do things. I’m trying to eat and next thing I know I’m throwing food at people. I’m still healthy, generally. The only real problem is my balance and coordination, apart from that I’m great.

I know some people with MS have lost friendships as well, but mine just got stronger and I actually gained new people in my life. A friend from the gym was recently was diagnosed with MS and I can see it‘s difficult for him. His walking is much better than mine but he struggles in other ways.

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Dating with MS can be hard

Dating with MS can be a bit different. I met someone on a dating site this week and she’s just asked about it. It does put some people off, and I’ve lost quite a few potentials that way – because they can’t handle my MS. Well, some of them haven’t said that directly, but the honest ones have!

Generally they say they can’t deal with it, but I’m sure there’s someone out there who will accept my MS. It is frustrating but one thing I know because I’m a praying man is that everything happens for a reason.

Working with the MS community inspires me

It’s important to find things to help you manage – exercise gets me out of the house and gets me socialising. But it also helps me mentally as it allows me to focus more.

Plus I volunteer with the MS Society, and have been inspired by other people with MS. You meet some amazing people and can learn something different from everyone.

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