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MS has changed my life. Better treatments could do the same.

Researcher Jo Welton lives with MS. She tells us how MS affects her life and work in research, and her hopes for treatments to stop and reverse progressive MS.

My MS has changed my life.

I have constant low-level pain, pins and needles, and a weak left leg. I walk with two sticks, use a rollator or a mobility scooter – depending on the activity. My most debilitating daily symptoms are fatigue and dizziness.

Adapting and not feeling guilty

I’ve had to adapt. I need to rely on people to do things for me, and not feel guilty when I do. But I have a fabulous husband who cooks me lots of lovely meals.

Finding a work/life balance

Last October I made the decision to work four days a week. Shortening my hours like this has improved my wellbeing and reduced my MS-related sick days.

I can also do more at the weekends, like hobbies and meeting up with friends. Before I changed my hours I would often feel wiped out for most of the weekend and evenings.

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I want to see treatments that stop and reverse MS

I hope that one day soon, treatment for MS won’t just treat the symptoms or try and prevent relapses, but will completely stop and reverse the damage of the disease. 

In an ideal world, treatment for me would be a pill or a single injection – with minimal side effects. 

What I’d do with better treatments

Treatments to stop or reverse my disease progression would change my life. I could work full-time again, push my career further, enjoy my free time more. 

I’d walk my dog on my own without a mobility scooter, and cook a fancy meal. 

I would go on holiday without thinking about the little details – the ones that make it suitable for my MS-related needs.

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