Drefus the cat sitting on a table with her eyes closed

A conversation with a cat

Meet Dreyfus and her brothers Feynman and Foucault. They live with Terri, who has secondary progressive MS, and Stewart, her partner and carer.

We caught up with Dreyfus to admire her fluffiness, and to ask her what it’s like to live with someone with MS.

How did you come to live with Terri and Stewart?

Even though we look similar, we're not related. We all joined the family as kittens a few years apart. But we quickly made ourselves at home and are as good as siblings now.

I’m the youngest, and they call me Princess because I like things a certain way.


Cats Drefus, Feynman and Foucault sitting on a table outside

What’s does an average day look like?

Stewart gets up early and makes breakfast for Terri, and us, before he goes to work. We’re big sleepers, so we spend most of the day napping in the armchair, on the sofa or the bed. Terri spends a lot of the day reading so we’ve always got someone to cuddle up with.

We’ve got a big garden that backs out onto a golf course so we’ve got lots of room for a run – it’s like one big litter tray! Foucault always waits outside for Stewart to get home from work. He loves food and when Stewart gets home that means it's dinnertime! Terri and Stewart have dinner too which they often share with us, and then we dose on the sofa for more cuddles.

Black and white kitten sitting in a bag

What’s your favourite spot?

It changes each day! The one place we can all agree on is cuddling up with Stewart and Terri while they have breakfast in bed.

They have a house rule that if you’re cuddling with a cat you can’t get up, so we can spend hours together.

Cats Drefus, Feynman and Foucault outside in the garden

What’s it like living with someone who has MS?

Terri didn’t used to be at home but now she’s here all day so we’ve always got company to get lots of cuddles. She can be a bit forgetful so we sometimes get extra food, and they’re both very generous with sharing their dinner.

They had the bathroom converted a few years ago so Terri could have a shower without climbing into the bath. This is fine by me – no more accidentally falling into a bath full of water.

We have to be careful where we walk as Terri isn’t as sure on her feet as us and we don’t want to get in her way. She recently got a wheelchair to use when they go out so it’s really tempting to sit on her lap and go with her, but it’s okay – we’ll always get lots of cuddles when they get back.

Tabby cat stretched out on a bed