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Noor walking

I’m feeling positive about more flexible working

Noor Jawad

This time last year, we were in the early days of what would become a long stretch of lockdown, isolation and uncertainty.

Home working felt like a relief at times and at other times felt lonely and never-ending. 

At this point in time, I can sense the mixed feelings about everything re-opening, masks coming off and that potential return to the office.

The benefits of working from home

I've been thinking about what really works for me, having had more than a year working from home. I don't miss the morning commute. Not doing it has been so positive for my energy levels.

I have time to prepare for the day and have my breakfast, rather than a quick mouthful in rush hour traffic and it has given me more time overall. 

I’ve missed seeing work mates

I miss my colleagues and the support we give each other in learning and through difficult calls. 

I feel lucky that we are broaching a return to work in a gradual manner and with more flexible working. I feel positive about this, I want to see my work mates but I have seen the benefits of staying home. 

Talk to your employer

It is really important to have a discussion with your employer about that return to work. Find out what safety measures are being put in place and discuss any flexibility that may be beneficial to you.

This is a time of uncertainty where we have to react to an ever-changing situation. Remember your needs and your need for safety. And make sure to communicate your needs to others to move forward in a way that feels safe to you.

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