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“I don’t know what the future will bring for us after my MS diagnosis"

Shannon Turnbull

Shannon Turnbull was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS three months ago. She shares the uncertainty she’s feeling as she comes to terms with her diagnosis, for her and her family.

As soon as I heard them say I had MS, I knew I would have to adjust. It felt like I would have to change so much of my life and my future. Not just even my life, my boys’ lives.

When I was in hospital for three weeks after my diagnosis, one of my boys was really unsettled in school. It really did affect him. And the fact I wasn’t seeing him was difficult. His routine was changed. It wasn’t me taking him to school, it wasn’t me putting him to bed, I wasn’t even in the house at all. I can’t even imagine how he must have felt

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Posting on Instagram has helped

For me, posting on my Instagram and interacting with other people who have MS has really, really helped. It distracts my mind from all the negative thoughts. My mental health is really low at the moment and Instagram feels like a safe haven.

I think I gained near enough 1,000 followers after I posted to say I had MS. All the people who have MS who’ve messaged me have been so lovely and so friendly. People have a genuine interest, it feels comforting.

Nominated for a national award

I’ve been nominated for a National Diversity Award in the Positive Role Model Award for Disability category, because of my Instagram account. It’s so humbling to be nominated for something like that. I have no idea who nominated me, no one’s come forward, but it’s amazing.

I’m still learning about my MS diagnosis

I’m still trying to get my head around it all. I don’t know for certain what the future will bring for me and my boys.

I’m just trying to stay positive, and do everything I can for my mental and physical health. And if I can help to educate and support others while I’m doing that then that would be great.

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