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I don’t want my son to be a carer

I'm a mum-of-one living with multiple sclerosis (MS).  I'm supporting the Stop MS Appeal because I want a cure for this painful condition.
I have an amazing five-year-old and I worry he might have to look after me one day. We love to do things together and I don’t want us to miss out on our adventures.

Accepting my MS diagnosis

In July 2018 I was diagnosed with relapsing MS after waking up with excruciating arm pain. I had numbness, pins and needles and prickling in my right leg, which became spasms in my upper body. 

I’ve also had eye spasms, brain fog, blacking out, my legs feeling like jelly and constant nerve pain in my head.

I just remember thinking I've got to not think about this thing (lesions) in my brain, and I had to have a frank conversation with myself. I chose to accept my MS from day one. I knew there was nothing I could do to change the fact I had MS because unfortunately there is no cure.

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Getting support and improving my wellbeing

MS makes me feel lonely. I'm still just starting my journey in understanding it myself. It's so concerning not knowing what tomorrow will bring.

The MS Helpline has helped me. And I’m so grateful to have family and friends who are happy to share my journey with me. It means more than they know.

Thankfully over the past year I’ve had a lot of support with a variety of specialists to help me through this journey and to find ways to keep my spirit up.

I continue to be open about anything that can support me and improve my wellbeing and make things easier on my family and friends. I was told that it's not just one area of life that will help with the condition, but a collection of areas to keep me as well as can be.

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My hope is for a cure for MS so my son won’t have to be a young carer. Rebbecca, is living with MS

My MS won't stop me reaching for the top

I have such a strong work ethic and it conflicts me, because I have to consider what I can cope with. I’ve had to start taking one thing at a time and finding ways to relax and stimulate my body

I push my boundaries by going to dance and yoga restorative classes. I’ve made sure I have a balanced diet and my recommended dosage of vitamin D. 

I go the gym which helps me with my invisible symptoms including my fatigue. I've also started mindfulness therapy where I'm learning different breathing techniques to relieve me from stress.

I work part time, instead of full time in a job I enjoy and find rewarding.  I'm putting my own reasonable adjustments in my life based upon my neuro-rehabilitation visits and access to work assessment. I want to stay in work as long as possible and not over exert myself. I do have memory loss but I am working on trying to improve this.

My hopes for the future

My hope is for a cure for MS so my son won’t have to be a young carer. I can look after him, support him with his education and be there for him when he achieves all his aspirations. 

I’ll be able to live a fulfilling life and continue to achieve my goals for myself and my family. 

With advances in MS treatments I’ll be able to walk up and downstairs without feeling unbalanced. My chest and legs will feel normal. And I’ll be able to think clearly again, without constant nerve pain in my head. 

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We’re the closest we’ve ever been to treatments for everyone. We can see a future where no-one needs to worry about their MS getting worse. To get us there we’ve launched our biggest fundraising appeal yet and we need your help.

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    Our minimum donation is £2, please enter a different amount.

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