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How Keep in Touch has helped me during lockdown


I’ve been pretty anxious since the outbreak started. I haven’t been able to go to a supermarket for ten years, and I’ve struggled to get prescriptions and shopping.

Normally I would have a carer in every day, but I don’t feel comfortable having someone in my house who’s been out mixing with others. So I’ve had to muddle through.

I live alone and the isolation has been really hard. I haven’t seen a soul for 4 months.

A friendly voice on the end of the phone

I came across the Keep in Touch service through the MS Helpline. My MS is now progressive so I rang for some information, as I hadn’t had much follow up because of the outbreak.

Keep in Touch has been a lifeline to the outside world. Each person I’ve spoken to has been so friendly, kind and empathetic. It’s been lovely to talk to different people with different experiences. Someone who wants to know how I’m doing and takes an interest.

Sometimes I find it better to talk to a complete stranger, sometimes I don’t want to offload onto my family. It can be nice to talk to someone who isn’t too close to the problem.

Helping me find information

As well as being friendly and supportive, the volunteers have helped me find information. If I ask a question, they pass it on to someone who can help and get back to me with an answer.

That’s helped me find out more about progressive MS. And also about the specs for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), should I decide my carer is safe to come into the house again.

I would still feel a bit at sea without the calls

Although lockdown is easing for some, I’m still going to be cautious. Knowing that telephone support is still going to be there makes a difference.

I would recommend using the service to others. Especially if you’re isolated and living alone and coping with MS alone. It means you’ve got someone friendly to speak to who understands and who wants to talk.

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