Andy sitting on a sofa

DMTs have given me breathing space

I’m Andrew and I’ve got relapsing remitting MS. I live in Northampton with my wife Michelle and our three daughters.

Finally getting a diagnosis

My first symptom came 11 years ago when I had a problem with my right eye. It went partially blind and I was told at the time it was Meniere’s disease. I also had issues with my right leg which was causing me problems with walking.  

I had two MRIs but they didn’t scan my brain. My GP questioned why they didn’t do a brain scan. He thought I might have MS. 

I eventually went for a brain scan and the doctor finally confirmed it was MS. I stood up and hugged him because I had spent nine years of my life not understanding what I had, being told I had other conditions like Meniere’s.

I now actually understood what fight I was fighting. 

Taking the decision to take a DMT

I wasn’t offered a DMT at diagnosis. In fact, it wasn’t until substantially after I was diagnosed that I started to look into it myself. Up to that point I’d had seven MRIs, and each time something was getting worse.

The scans gave me a clear picture that damage was being done in my brain. Looking at the situation I thought to myself:  ‘do I want more damage? ‘. I realised I couldn’t let my body continue to deteriorate around me. So that’s why I took the drug.

I asked a number of people with MS about DMTs, and which one they were taking. The vast majority were taking an injection so I went to see an MS nurse, because I’m not very good with needles. She told me about the pill option so I went home and spoke to Michelle about it, and decided that’s the one I wanted.

No new damage

I’ve just had my second MRI since being on the treatment, and it’s shown that I’ve gone two years without any further damage to my brain.

My DMT has allowed me that breathing space to make the new me, the person I wanted to be.

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