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Britains guilty pleasures revealed in aid of MS research

Babs Guthrie

A new survey of 2,000 people has found that in Britain, we spend over £4 billion a year on our ‘guilty pleasures’ - from chocolate to box set binges.

So this May, we’re challenging you to help us Kiss Goodbye to MS by giving up your guilty pleasure to raise money for MS research.

What’s the top guilty pleasure where you live?

Our research showed your favorite guilty pleasure might depend on where you live.

So which cities prefer a pint over a glass of white, and where are the takeaway, sugar, and caffeine capitals of the country?

  • One in five of people in the UK (18%) drink coffee ‘more than a few times a day’. But London is our caffeine capital: 1 in 10 latte loving locals rank this their favourite way to indulge (9%).
  • Nearly a third of the UK (30%) get a takeaway at least once a week, but they’re most loved in the North East (15% vs just 5% in London).
  • Those in Scotland are more likely to go for cake, cookies, or doughnuts: 1 in 5 vote sweet treats their vice of choice (18%).
  • The biggest beer fans are in the East Midlands: 12% wind down with a pint compared to just 5% in the South East, where wine reigns supreme (14% prefer).

People often turn to their vices for comfort (50%) or out of boredom (32%).

The benefits of being a quitter

Although our guilty pleasures make us happy in the short-term, most of us know that we’d be better off in the long run if we could beat our sugar cravings or cut down on the booze.

Of the people we spoke to who’d quit their guilty pleasure, 51% had lost weight, 30% had more energy, and 25% were even sleeping better.

‘Show your support for the MS geniuses’

Harveel, 35, works in marketing and lives in Leamington Spa. She was diagnosed with MS three years ago, and will be giving up sweets and caffeine to Kiss Goodbye to MS.

Harveel said: “Ten years ago people with MS had very few options. It’s only thanks to the great work done by MS researchers and the MS Society that today we can access life-changing medicine, and learn to live well with the condition. This challenge is a way to give back and show your support to all the MS geniuses out there, so we might finally find a way to stop MS.”

Our MS Society Ambassador Scott Mills is also showing his support. Scott told us: “My mum’s my best mate, and it was really tough when we found out she had MS. She’s had to push through some really challenging symptoms, but we stay positive and focus on the future because MS research is so promising right now.

“We’re closer than ever to stopping MS, and kissing goodbye to chocolate, alcohol, caffeine or scrolling through social media, can get us there faster."

Sign up to Kiss Goodbye to MS today

So what are you waiting for? Ditch that guilty pleasure today and sign up to Kiss Goodbye to MS. You can give your own health a boost and help the thousands of people living with MS in the UK too.