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Home Visits

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Home Visits
Phone line 07767326138 email [email protected]

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For people who are unable to get to our support group we will offer occasional home visits. We can pop round for a cuppa or we can meet up with you somewhere suitable for both parties. We appreciate how MS affects us and our Support Volunteers offer a wide range of skills and a wealth of information. We offer a well rounded approach to all affected by MS be it the person with the condition or their family/friends/carers.

By suitable arrangement for both parties. If you call our helpline 07767326138 please be aware this is run by volunteers and is not answered immediately. Please leave a message and we will return your call or you can email [email protected]
South East Kent Group
Contact: Phone line 07767326138 email [email protected]
Accessibility: N/A – this service does not take place at a fixed venue
Who should attend:
People with MS, families and carers

Urgent appeal: Help us be there for everyone with MS

Urgent appeal: Help us be there for everyone with MS

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