Chairezise with Audrey


The Frank Sorrell Centre,
Prince Albert Road,

Every second Thursday 10:45am -12:00 pm.


Helpline 02392 696559

Event/Service information

Exercises performed on a chair! So, everyone can join in.
Regular exercise can improve self-esteem and relieve stress. As well as improving cardiovascular health and strengthening muscles and bones.
It can reduce the risk of major illnesses and help you to maintain a healthy weight.

If you are affected by MS, it’s even more important to enjoy the mind and health boosting effects of exercise. Although mobility issues bring challenges, it’s possible to overcome limitations by using seated chair exercises that work different muscle groups in the body.
We will start gentle and build on strength and stamina as we go on.
It can keep your body at its best by maximising mobility, posture and balance. It can reduce pain and fatigue, improve your confidence and reduce depression.

Until further notice all MS activities are suspended.

Date and time: Every second Thursday 10:45am -12:00 pm.
Frequency: Every 2 weeks
Cost: £3.50
Contact details: Helpline 02392 696559
Accessibility: Accessible internal environment, Accessible toilet, Parking facilities for disabled people, Ramped access
Who should attend: People with MS