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Complementary therapies

Contact the therapist direct to arrange an appointment

Tel: 07411438416E-mail: Lindsay.cruickshank@hotmail.com

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A mobile therapist from Endless Beauty who can come to your house in the Keith and surrounding Moray area and deliver reflexology treatments as well as bamboo and Swedish massages. Reflexology is a technique derived from traditional Chinese medicine in which pressure is applied to the feet (and sometimes hands) without using oils or creams. It stimulates reflex points to induce therapeutic effects in different parts of the body and encourage natural healing. Massage is a healing method used to relax muscles, reduce tension and contribute to general wellbeing.

If you are affected by MS, these treatments could help among other things to relieve muscle pain, poor circulation as well as improve sensory symptoms and urinary symptoms. The relaxation it brings can also help combat the stresses of living with the condition.

Availability: Contact the therapist direct to arrange an appointment
Group: Moray Group
Contact details: Tel: 07411438416E-mail: Lindsay.cruickshank@hotmail.com
Accessibility: N/A – this service does not take place at a fixed venue
Who should attend: People with MS