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Complementary therapies at Chirozone.

Complementary therapies
Chirozone, 3 Enterprise Court,
Grovebury Road,
Leighton Buzzard,
Members pay 50% direct
01525 377099 - initial approval
01525 853002 - appointments

Event/service information

Chiropractic, Massage, Reflexology and Acupressure treatments are available at half price.
Please note this includes only these specific treatments, not the full range offered by this clinic.

Massage is a healing method used to relax muscles, reduce tension and contribute to general wellbeing. It is often used in combination with aromatherapy.
If you are affected by MS, massage could help to relieve muscle pain and improve poor circulation.

Acupressure stems from the traditional Chinese practice of acupuncture but uses fingers, rather than needles, to stimulate specific parts of the body.

Reflexology is a technique derived from traditional Chinese medicine in which pressure is applied to the feet (and sometimes hands) without using oils or creams. It stimulates reflex points to induce therapeutic effects in different parts of the body and encourage natural healing. If you are affected by MS, reflexology could help improve sensory symptoms, urinary symptoms and muscular stiffness.

Apply to Lorna Taylor, our Group Admin Volunteer initially, on 01525 377099. Once approved in principle, appointments are made directly with clinic
Leighton Buzzard and District Group
Members pay 50% direct
Contact: 01525 377099 - initial approval 01525 853002 - appointments
Accessibility: Accessible internal environment, Ramped access
Who should attend:
People with MS, families and carers