Talking Therapy

Emotional and psychological wellbeing

Nicola Orr -

Karen Henvey -

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This Service provides confidential, independent Counselling sessions to people with MS, their carers and family who may be faced with difficult or stressful situations which impact on their well-being. The service consists of an initial assessment followed with a course of Counselling, according to clinical need as discussed at the initial assessment. the service is available via telephone and/or face-to-face appointments and is offered on a one-to-one and couple basis.

Counselling is a completely confidential service provided by a trained therapist. It provides a safe and non-judgmental environment where you can talk about the problems you are facing, and examine your issues and feelings. The Therapist offers sessions face to face and by telephone.

If you are affected by MS, counselling may help you (or those close to you) to cope with the uncertainties of the condition and adapt to the changes it can bring.

Availability: Nicola Orr -
Group: Lanarkshire Group
Contact details: Karen Henvey -
Accessibility: Accessible internal environment, Accessible toilet, Parking facilities for disabled people
Who should attend: People with MS, families and carers