Zumba Gold Chair Exercise Class


Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church,
Bells Lane,
PO14 2PL



Jenny 07974 660461

Event/Service information

A high energy fun and joyful fitness class for anyone who wants to exercise sitting down, be it a chair or a wheelchair. It combines the atmosphere and loud exciting Latin and international dance moves of a high-intensity Zumba class with the specific needs of people who sit to exercise. You can take breaks whenever you need to and may surprise yourself that you work harder than you might expect. Be prepared to sweat, laugh and leave with a smile on your face.

Date and time: 10:30-12:30
Frequency: Weekly
Cost: 3
Group: Gosport Fareham Group
Contact details: Jenny 07974 660461
Accessibility: Accessible internal environment, Accessible toilet, Level access, Parking facilities for disabled people
Who should attend: People with MS