Exeter Carers Group

Socials and support groups

The Mill on the Exe,
Bonhay Road,

Second Thursday of the month - 1630 to 1800


Kaye Sprague - 01392 841704

Event/Service information

Our Exeter-area support groups are here for anyone who is affected by MS, and also for their family, friends and carers.
They offer a wealth of information as well as emotional and practical support. If you would like further information, please use the contact details listed below.

Please note: These meetings are liable to change without notice. If you're planning on attending, please do call the contact number (or the main group number - 0845 6027 621) first to avoid a wasted journey.

Date and time: Second Thursday of the month - 1630 to 1800
Frequency: Monthly
Cost: 0.00
Group: Exeter Group
Contact details: Kaye Sprague - 01392 841704
Who should attend: Families and carers