Derby Road Methodist Church,
Jawbones Hill,
S40 2EN

Every Monday at 11.30am


Clive - 07935 441230 or

Event/Service information

Yoga exercises that are mainly chair-based, standing for a few minutes with a chair for support if needed. At the end of each class is a 15 minute relaxation session which can be chair-based or laying down. All movement will be modified to be accessible and meet individual needs.

Each pose is designed to support the body's joints, muscles, structures and function. Every pose can be modified to its simplest form and can be practised in a variety of positions.

£3 per person, carers free.

2nd September
23rd September
30th September

Date and time: Every Monday at 11.30am
Frequency: Weekly
Cost: 3
Group: Chesterfield District Group
Contact details: Clive - 07935 441230 or
Who should attend: People with MS