Our goals

Seven goals guide everything we do to beat MS.

They aren’t just our goals. They were developed through extensive consultation with people affected by MS – and they reflect what people affected by MS told us was important to them.

That’s why they are at the heart of our strategy for 2015 to 2019.

In order of priority, our goals are:

  1. Effective treatments: People with MS will have access to effective treatments for their condition, including treatments which can slow, stop or reverse the accumulation of disability.
  2. Responsive care and support: People with MS, including those being diagnosed, will have access to support that is responsive to their needs, and recognises them as equal partners in their care.
  3. Preventing MS: Progress in research means that fewer people will develop MS.
  4. Quality information: People affected by MS will have access to high quality information that meets their needs.
  5. A strong community, independent lives: People affected by MS will be able to live their lives, strengthened by a community that ensures no one has to face MS alone.
  6. Supporting families and carers: The families and carers of people with MS will have access to the support they need.
  7. Greater certainty about the future: People with MS will have greater certainty about how their condition will progress.

Treatments and support

We know that the top priority for people with MS is development of (and access to) effective treatments. We plan to significantly increase our investment in vital MS research to accelerate progress in this area. As well as campaigning for improved access to those treatments that already exist.

And we’ll continue to support people living with MS in the here and now.

Achieving our goals

Our goals are long-term and aspirational – they won’t be achieved easily or quickly. Our strategy for 2015 to 2019 sets out what we’ll do over the next five years to make progress towards them.

But we can only achieve our goals with your support. Find out how you can help us beat MS.

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