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Kerb-free – top 10 accessible European destinations

There are lots of things to think about when travelling with MS. Are the streets flat? Is the public transport easy to access? What about the museums?

We know it takes a lot of planning, so we’ve come up with a list of ten accessible European destinations to whet your appetite. With stunning sights and accessible facilities waiting for you, you’ll be itching to grab your passport…

The EU referendum – what does it mean for people with MS?

It's official − the UK has voted to leave the EU. The impact of this is not yet clear, and nobody’s quite sure what the future holds.

The country was divided last Thursday night, between those who were fast asleep in their beds at 3am, and those of us glued to the television until the result came through.

Superheroes and magic doors - Karine's MS Awards experience

I waited with nervous anticipation at the MS Awards with the Employer of the Year winner due to be announced. I was wringing my hands, holding my breath and quickly scanning the faces of the possible winners at my table. 

Gardens, giving and wellbeing: A partnership in bloom

This time last week I was cycling through the San Francisco Botanical Gardens during my few hours off before the International Progressive MS Alliance’s scientific congress on addressing the challenges and new horizons in progressive MS.

Superheroes and neuroprotection

This spring we’re recognising our Everyday Superheroes for the incredible work they’re doing to beat MS. We’re celebrating everyone’s contributions to the lives of people affected by MS, but why are we using superheroes to do it?

Meet the Everyday MS Superheroes

Five teams of superheroes have emerged all over the UK. These heroes don’t wear capes and cowls. They don’t fly or shoot webs from their hands. There’s no Lasso of Truth, vibranium shield or magic hammer.

Their power is the ability to beat MS.

Taking the leap

Once every four years we get a chance to spend an extra day doing something we love, or trying something new. For us at the MS Society, it’s another day to make a difference in the lives of people affected by MS. Maybe that’s why leap years have been so productive for us…

"I believe you can change the world in many ways" - An interview with Michelle Mitchell

I recently sat down with our Chief Executive, Michelle Mitchell OBE, to talk about what inspires her, leadership and what the future holds. 

I think one of the reasons people join the charitable sector, and why I have done personally, is because they’re driven by a very clear sense of purpose and wanting to change the world for the better. 

Making workplaces carer-friendly

Sue Allison, Programme Lead – Carers at the MS Society, talks about what employers could do to support staff with caring responsibilities.

There are currently over three million working carers in the UK.

Carers Week 2015 is about building carer-friendly communities – including workplaces. So we wanted to share what we think employers can do to help staff with caring responsibilities.

MS Week 2013: help stop the MS lottery

In MS Week (29 April - 5 May) we'll be launching a report from an unprecedented piece of MS Society research. Over 10,000 people with MS took part in our survey, and their responses form a sobering and, at times shocking, picture of access to MS treatments and services across the UK.

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