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The clocks went back at the weekend, marking the end of British summertime.

Sonya Benford, the MS Society’s newest and youngest trustee, talks about why she wants to stop the clock on MS.

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"Before I was first diagnosed, everyone assumed that because they couldn’t see my problems, I was making them up. I even started to believe that maybe I was.

When I got optic neuritis, I had mixed feelings - people started to listen to me and I felt proud that I’d come to the right conclusion. But at the same time part of me thought that was the signature on something as good as a death warrant. I was devastated.

But with the help of professionals and my family, I was able to see that this wasn’t the end of the world. I still don’t like MS, or how much it has progressed, but I won’t let it stop me living life to the full. I might look drunk to the outside world, but on the inside I couldn’t be more sober, excited and determined to find solutions to our problems!

Getting our own back

The teams at the MS Society’s research centres have told us that they’ve made a breakthrough, and we now need to raise the funds needed to keep the project on track.

Everyone with MS dreams of being able to stop it in its tracks, and perhaps even to reverse the damage already done. MS can be so devastating, but from now on, we should focus on getting our own back!

It’s not fair that walking is no longer the easy thing it is meant to be, and it’s not fair that the most dignified people can be reduced to a wreck too humiliated to tell even their nearest and dearest about their most embarrassing symptoms. Anyone else would be weakened by all the situations that we find ourselves in daily, but that shouldn’t be us. All the physical weakness the MS causes should be sent packing by the emotional strength that is ours to keep.

Hope on the horizon

There has been so much done already to give a diagnosis to those with mystery symptoms, stuck in ‘limboland’, and there is now so much on the horizon. This is a very exciting time for all MSers, and we’re all in this together – volunteers, fundraisers, staff, supporters – everyone affected by MS. This kind of research can’t happen without the support and generosity of everyone involved.

There’s still a way to go. But we’ve come this far, there should be no stopping now, and your generosity now means that this dream could actually become a reality.

 Imagine being able to stop the clock on MS. Please help us in the final push to beat it."

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