Vision and mission

Our vision

Our vision is a world free from the effects of multiple sclerosis.

Our ultimate goal is to find a cure. Until then, we will do all that we can to enable people with MS to live life, knowing that they do not have to face MS alone.

Every week in the UK, around 100 people – typically between the ages of 20 and their late 60s – are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a life-long, chronic condition for which there is currently no cure. More than 100,000 people in the UK have MS. Every one of them shares the uncertainty of a future with MS. It attacks at random; many of its symptoms are invisible to others; it can worsen steadily, or remain unpredictable throughout your life. From one day to the next you might be losing or regaining your sight or your ability to walk.

So what is the future that we are determined to build?

  • A future where quality of life is improved for all people with MS, with effective treatments to stop relapses, slow progression and restore lost function.
  • A future where fewer people are diagnosed with MS because of progress in the area of prevention.
  • A future where we greatly reduce the uncertainty around diagnosis and what the future holds.
  • A future where people affected by MS have the information they need, along with the understanding and awareness of others.
  • A future where people with MS live life, strengthened by an MS community that ensures no one has to face MS alone.

Our mission

Attendees at MS Life 2009: an accessible conference from the MS Society

Our mission is to enable everyone affected by MS to live life to their full potential and secure the care and support they need, until we ultimately find a cure.

Our aim is to beat MS.

Our values

We are led by people affected by MS

People with MS guide our work.

Our volunteers and supporters:

  • shape our research programme through our Research Network
  • help us provide support locally through our local groups
  • help us write our publications.

Most of our trustees and council members have a personal connection to MS, either because they have it or a family member does. They are elected by our members.

At our annual general meeting, we work on the principle of “one member, one vote”, so that everyone has an equal say.

Find out more about becoming a member of the MS Society.

Our work is backed by evidence

scientist looking through a microscope

We produce accurate information to help people make informed choices. We believe in good science and that everyone has the right to safe and effective treatment.

Find out more about MS research

We are accessible to all

We make sure our information and our events are easily accessible to anyone who needs them, regardless of who they are.

We are impartial

All the information and support we give, and everything we campaign for, is based on real evidence.

We make comments on treatments and services based on this impartial view.

We only work with the pharmaceutical industry when we’re certain it’s in the best interests of people with MS. When we do, we’re open and honest about it. In 2012 only 0.5% of our income came from pharmaceutical companies.

Download our full policy on working with the industry.

Our industry supporters will never have any influence over the content of our publications or the research we fund. The Society won’t accept financial or other support from a company to support campaigning activities linked to equity of access to drugs or treatments.

We are open and accountable

We report collaborations and financial contributions received from industry in our yearly financial report and accounts. All our accounts are audited by an independent financial group. 

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