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Having HSCT outside the NHS

If you've been turned down for HSCT on the NHS, you might be considering having it privately.

We strongly encourage anyone considering this to discuss their treatment options with a neurologist first.

You might have been turned down for health reasons or because it's less effective for your type of MS.

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HSCT outside the NHS

HSCT is now available privately in centres around the world - all with different criteria and safety standards.

If you're considering having it outside the NHS, it is important to find out:

  • exactly what the clinic is offering.
  • if the clinic is regulated to international standards.
  • how experienced the clinic is at providing HSCT for MS.
  • what follow-up care is provided.
  • what the cost includes – travel and accommodation may not be included.

You also need to ensure that there will be proper after care and support once the treatment has finished.

Safety standards at centres abroad

In the UK any centre performing HSCT is regularly inspected and must comply with a huge number of quality and safety standards. This is because they have a licence from the Joint Accreditation Committee-ISCT and EBMT (JACIE).

These safety standards are used in a number of other countries, and you can find a map of licensed centres on the JACIE website.

Not all clinics work to the same safety standards as those in the UK. If you're considering treatment abroad you should check that the centre is regulated to international standards.