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Sore feet for a good cause

Journalist Peter Cardwell is taking part in the MS Society Firewalk on 25 October in Belfast. Here he explains why he’s prepared to walk on hot coals for a cause close to his heart.

I remember once saying that I’d walk over hot coals to report on TV. Well, now that I report on TV maybe it’s time to walk on hot coals!

Kathy's story: Running for mum

Kathy Smith from Co. Down is taking part in the Belfast City Marathon on 6 May to support the MS Society. Here she explains why her mum is her biggest inspiration.

It’s almost four weeks to the main event: the Belfast City Marathon! Come 6 May I will line up with thousands of others to run the marathon course. To say I’m nervous is an understatement!

Help raise awareness of MS Week with your local MLA

In MS Week 2013 (29 April - 5 May) we will focus on the results from an unprecedented piece of research we undertook at the end of 2012.

People with MS in Northern Ireland helped us answer some important questions including:

Yoga and MS

My name is Derek McCambley, and I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS in 2005.

I’d never really given yoga much thought before – to me it was done largely by earnest ladies of a certain age who wore green leotards and who liked to contort themselves. Boy, how  wrong I was.

Walking on hot coals to help beat MS

Pamela Agnew is taking part in the MS Society Firewalk on 26 October 2012 at the MS Resource Centre, Belfast. She tells us why she's risking burnt feet to raise money to beat MS.

I'm taking part in an MS Society Firewalk on Friday. Everyone is asking why. Even I am asking myself why.

Peter's Berlin Marathon: training with an injury

UTV journalist Peter Cardwell is taking part in the Berlin Marathon in September, to raise funds for the MS Society NI. Peter is also organising a

Work Capability Assessment: Ali’s story

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in September 1999, and continued to work up until April 2011.

I then had to visit the local social security office where I was interviewed on how my condition was affecting me both mentally and physically, and how I see it may affect me in the future.

ESA anxiety

I received a letter at the end of 2011 requesting me to appear at a medical in order to see if I was fit for work.

Work Capability Assessments - are they fit for work?

Are you worried about going through a Work Capability Assessment? Have you gone through the process and think it needs to be improved?

Here is your opportunity to share your views.

Make your voice heard on GP out-of-hours services

What's happening?

The Health and Social Care Board is consulting the public on a new Strategic Framework for GP Out-of-Hours services. They are proposing new changes which aim to:

It's the final countdown

UTV journalist Peter Cardwell is taking part in the Berlin Marathon

in September this year, to raise funds for the MS Society NI.

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