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Stories for people affected by MS, by people affected by MS.

MS is different for everyone - we hope this blog reflects this.

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To live, love and be loved

Luc Hudson drawingLast month I was busy writing a poem every day for my #IchallengeMS poetry challenge. Some days I wrote two because I had 38 poetry requests.

The fabulous people who have been requesting poems have also donated to the MS Society; so far we’ve raised £580.

Family planning and MS

Choosing to have a family, in the knowledge that you have MS, is never easy.

It's a huge life changing decision, even when you're well, so I would never pretend that my choice was simple. However, it was fairly uncomplicated. 

Catherine Doran with her husband and children

By the power of Google Girl

Trishna wearing a blur top with pink patternI have a curious mind. Always have. Always will. I’m one of those people that will latch on to something interesting and then find out everything there is to know about it.

What’s in a name?

Mary sat in front of a lakeWhen is a relapse not a relapse?

Multiple sclerosis in the media

Trevis speakingWith another neurological condition all over social media, blogger Trevis Gleason takes a look at MS in the media.

MS - a family affair

Barbara and her sonThe summer of 2011; for our little family, this was sure to entail a fraught yet exciting six weeks between the end of primary school and the first day at the local comprehensive.

How to stop having bad days

Ann in a blue button-up t-shirtSometimes I feel like I've nailed it. I have a routine and a good balance of exercise, work and pleasure.

Last night I woke up with awful back pain. It was like toothache but in every vertebrae of my spine. I took painkillers and eventually got to sleep. This morning I was very grumpy.

Finding the funny

Karine and Sarah stand side by side, each holding a black and white catIt is important to laugh as much as possible, even at your own expense.

In many cases, you will only be able to do this after the event but if you think of situations with an edge of humour, it makes everything better!

Working practices: a letter to myself 20 years ago

This is a letter to myself - the advice I wish I’d read 20 years ago, when I first thought about giving up work.

I was 33 back then, and had recently been diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS. I had just had a big flare-up and had taken a week off because I’d developed a limp.

Do you get tired of fatigue?

Caroline smilingDo you have those moments when you’re trying to describe fatigue to someone who then says the killer line, “Oh, I know just how you feel, I get like that after a day looking after the kids.”

And you know that they don’t know just how you feel?

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