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MS is different for everyone - we hope this blog reflects this.

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A Yank’s Life with MS: Treat Us Right!

Trevis speakingI have been excited to write this post ever since I saw the unveiling of the Treat Me Right video when I was at MS Life 2014.

Time for a service: my life-changing scooter

Mike sat outside in his gardenAs I watched my scooter being loaded into a van for its first annual service, it got me thinking of what I was up to this time last year… and how I managed before it.

I rely on the scooter so much, and can no longer imagine life without it - and so servicing is something I consider essential. 

Spasticity and me

Chris sat on the London UndergroundMy friends are often surprised when I say I experience spasticity.

Dealing with uncommon symptoms and side effects

Trishna smilingWhat do you do when you feel like you’re the only person in the world with a particular symptom?

With my MS, I’ve had quite “standard” symptoms. Numbness, tingling, the MS hug, fatigue, weak hands, more fatigue... You get the picture.

My life of post-it notes: coping with fatigue

Trishna smilingSince being diagnosed with MS my life has become one big prioritisation exercise. Fatigue is the cause.

Endless lists are the result. My life has become an ode to the post-it note.

Coming undone

Four oranges on a tableWho would have thought you could become so knackered trying to peel an orange?

The effort to unzip a Jaffa overwhelmed me last week, and I had to give up, slumping forward with my head on the table, completely done in.

Dishing it up in the MS Life Kitchen

TrevisChef and blogger Trevis L Gleason will be stirring up good food and good tips for people with multiple sclerosis at MS Life 2014 in Manchester. Will you be there?

Coming out

Chris on London UndergroundI have primary progressive MS. Who should I tell about this?

Should I tell everyone? Does it matter?

It's a topic that often comes up for discussion among people with MS.

A recipe for disaster? Cooking and MS

Barbara and her sonIf you ever fancy a laugh, feel free to come and see me in my kitchen.

I love cooking. Sadly, MS doesn’t. I used to pride myself on making every meal from scratch.

Some things I haven’t said about my MS

Portrait of AnnThings are looking better this year. I can feel my feet and my toes.

I've been diagnosed for 14 months now and I've realised there are some things about my MS that I haven't told my friends.

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