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Stories for people affected by MS, by people affected by MS.

MS is different for everyone - we hope this blog reflects this.

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Coming to terms with MS

Mike sitting in his gardenLife is not always fair. If things were different, what would you be doing? Really?

It’s easy to blame MS for stealing previously laid plans, but in truth the chances are that life would be very different now, regardless of your surprise with dealing with MS too.

A Yank’s Life With MS: holidays, stress and MS

TrevisOne of my favorite American television characters (a character who happened to live with MS) once said, “Stress is something they invented for flavored coffee advertisements”.

Losing some mega bytes

AnnI’ve put myself on a data diet. My mobile phone bills are too high, I feel addicted to my iPhone, and I’ve been getting wound up by things I read on Facebook or Twitter at night and not sleeping very well.

Seconds out

I caught a cold last week. It’s the nasty bug that’s doing the rounds. I had a headache, a cough and sniffles. Exactly the sort of symptoms you would expect if, most of the time, you are healthy. What I wasn’t expecting was the sharp exacerbation in my MS.

Unexpected consequences of MS

Mary Olley sailingWhile MS brings with it various frankly unwelcome consequences, an unexpected side effect I’ve experienced is of losing my inhibitions. Well ... some of them!

Exercise and MS: starting yoga classes

AnnSince the festive decorations are going up in town and Christmas adverts have started on the TV, I decided it was time I tackle my New Year's resolutions.

I only made three this year:

Have a cuppa with MS: raise awareness, get support

Trevis speakingEver since my wife Caryn and I settled into our new home in a small town in the wilds of West Kerry, we’ve been enveloped in a different way of life.  I admit that the Ireland we shifted to in our heads is the country thirty of forty years back.

Standing up for exercise

Close up of person's legs while standing upResearchers at the University of Chester have published a study on the benefits of standing. Once, standing used to be so simple. Like blinking, I would do it without realising. Not any more.

Sleeping Beauty? Busting myths about fatigue

Barbara and her son

A lot of people think MS fatigue is either a) a figment of our imagination or b) a convenient excuse to loll around the sofa all day.

The power of lists: the good and bad of MS


Last month I set myself a challenge to write a list of ten good things about having MS. I realise now that was ridiculous.

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