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Stories for people affected by MS, by people affected by MS. MS is different for everyone - we hope this blog reflects this.

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Musical stories magnificently sung

Sometimes you have to use the skills you already have, but put them to use in a way you may not have initially envisaged. The “Ms. A Song Cycle” album is fantastic example.

The album was conceived by lyricist Rory Sherman who knows well how MS can affect women - his mum and sister both have MS. The album will raise money for the MS Society and awareness about MS. 

Anxiety and emotional perfectionism

When we feel anxious, panicky or constantly worried, we are responding to a sense of fear that something awful is about to happen. Once you begin to feel anxious, your thoughts and feelings snowball and can lead to a vicious cycle. 

My virtual visit to a live event

Sometimes MS gets in the way of attending events. I’m so tired from the journey it’s hard to enjoy it. I’m lucky we have the brilliant Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal and the local pubs have good bands on too, but sometimes I feel like I’m missing out. 

A film about MS - Mod scooters and multiple sclerosis

Writer, director and artist Devlin Crow’s upcoming short film, Being, stems from his personal experience of MS and his affinity with sixties culture. Devlin has worked on award-winning productions for over 20 years and shares his experience below.

Am I Father Ted or have I become Father Jack?

The adventures of Fathers Ted, Jack and Dougal, Catholic priests on Craggy Island off the coast of Ireland, entertained millions of viewers in the mid-90s TV series Father Ted. So it was a bit of tragic poetry that Frank Kelly (Father Jack) passed away recently, 18 years to the day since his co-star Dermot Morgan (Father Ted).

Laura and MS: Opening doors with dance on Disabled Access Day

Laura Dajao is a freelance integrated dance artist who has MS. 

Recently she worked with established dancer, choreographer and b-boy Mickael Marso Riviere on Adaption, a short film commissioned by People Dancing. Adaption is part of a series of six films that focus on dance by, with and for deaf and disabled people. 

How mum's poem opened my eyes to her MS

As a child I never realised mum had MS. I remember never being able to understand why she couldn’t take part in the race for parents on my school sports days or horseback ride with me. I never thought much about it because she always made sure I saw her watching and cheering me on from the side. 

Rat's what friends are for

Ten months after my MS diagnosis, I split up with my husband. It was a tough time, but I was incredibly touched by the outpouring of offers of help from family and friends that followed - “If there's anything we can do, please let us know.”

Caring for yourself

If you’re caring for a partner with MS, you’ll have noticed how the spotlight tends to be on them.

Medical professionals, friends, and relatives may begin conversations with ‘how are they doing?’, while you may be quietly fuming or grieving. When others do acknowledge your needs, this may often simply be ‘remember to look after yourself – bye, now!’ 

A season of passions

Passions of all types, from politics and party to religious and romantic are reaching toward a simultaneous climax.

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