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Stories for people affected by MS, by people affected by MS.

MS is different for everyone - we hope this blog reflects this.

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Cognitively cloudy days

The majority of people with MS will experience fatigue at some point or another, and it will be worse for some people than for others. Like most things MS related! 

Karine lying down with her black and white kitten

What does 'disabled' mean?

Shana using a mobility scooter, with Brighton beach in the background“But do you see yourself as disabled?”

I looked down at my mobility scooter. “Um, yes” I replied, slightly confused. “I’m definitely disabled”.

Dealing with my MS pain

Mary sat in front of a boating lakeBefore MS, I didn’t really have to deal with pain much; it was mainly a case of taking the odd paracetamol for a headache.

The bucket list

Trishna dancing and laughingPeople often comment on how great it is that I live my life to the full.

Truth be told, my MS diagnosis six years ago was a turning point. I realised I’d been trundling along. Constantly putting things off "for another day".

Faith and multiple sclerosis

Trevis with a white dog on his lapAfter a trip to the ‘buckle’ of the Bible Belt, blogger Trevis Gleason wonders about the place religion has in your life with MS.

Let’s talk about wee…

Shana using a mobility scooter alongside Brighton beachRight. Urinary problems and MS… Fortunately, some people with MS never experience any problems.

Winter wobbles

AnnWhen the clocks went back my body became more off balance and my legs got wobbly, I also got tired a lot more quickly.

I noticed it’s the same for some of my friends with MS. Maybe it’s the cold that affects our bodies or maybe the lack of sunshine. 

Start spreading the news: travelling with MS

Karine and the empire state building

When it dawned on my partner Sarah and I that we would be turning 30 soon, we knew we had to take the trip of a lifetime to celebrate (or commiserate).

We immediately thought of New York.

Getting the balance right with family and friends

Shana using a mobility scooter by Brighton beachI was diagnosed with MS eight years ago, but I was 7 when I first got sent to hospital with neurological symptoms. So really, I’ve lived with MS all my life.

Thames challenge: walking 20km in 3 hours

Trishna wearing an MS Society running vestThe words “Trishna” and “easy life” don’t go hand-in-hand. I’m a challenger. Always have been. I like to see how far I can push myself.

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