Peter Marsh, Community fundraising and events officer, London

Peter Marsh, Community fundraising and events officer, LondonI was born and brought up in North London, and have worked in the charity sector since leaving university in 2003. My first full time job was at the charity SportsAid, working as a Staff Assistant. While there I worked with the Events Manager on a regular basis and organised the London Marathon team. This led me to look for jobs in events and working at the MS Society.

In my five years at the charity, I have built up a real connection to the MS Society – it’s a fantastic charity to work for. My role is also quite varied and rewarding. The best part is meeting fundraisers at events as it’s what makes my role different to most desk jobs.

Fundraising is a vital part of any charity’s work. Without the work done to bring in funds, the services that the MS Society provides would not be possible. The development work I have done on the website, including working with database team to introduce online sign up for events, has improved our sign up and fundraising levels, which will be of long term benefit to the MS Society.

Page last updated: 04 Dec 2012

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